Doane Tactical was created to fill a void with very novice shooters and identifying firearm training like a martial art. Doane Tactical aims to revolutionize the firearm training industry by creating a recurring monthly training schedule that will help new shooters and advanced shooters stay in tune with their shooting fundamentals. Doane Tactical believes firearm fundamentals and defensive firearm use should be treated similarly to a martial art.

Doane Tactical aims to help new shooters by offering affordable firearm training along with a private one-on-one class environment. This removes a lot of the stress of having multiple shooters around the new shooter. That way the new shooter can focus on being safe and learning at their own pace.

Doane Tactical offers training for more advanced shooters who are looking for a tactical shooting experience. Focused more on defensive tactics with a firearm and tactical considerations in a real world scenario. We will work on vehicle tactics working around your personally operated vehicle (POV). Room clearing and inside the home defensive considerations.

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