About Doane Tactical

Doane Tactical started out as a youtube channel to post firearm content, gear reviews, training content and more. We have now expanded to provide in person firearm training in Austin, TX and the surrounding area.

What We Offer

We offer basic and advanced firearm training for beginners and advanced shooters who want to hone in on their skills. We also offer a subscription based training program that allows you to pay monthly and get up to 4 training sessions a month.

The Goal

At Doane Tactical we understand you cannot get enough training in one session. We want to be the first subscription-based firearm training company. During your classes we can work on the basics, run drills, work with gym equipment while running drills, and much more. We want to work at your pace. Whatever you’re comfortable with we can cater to your specific needs.  

Upcoming Classes for February

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