Monthly Training subscription


We understand firearm shooting skills are a perishable skill. We want to make it as easy for you to get the training time you need to succeed. We have priced this out to be the most cost effective training schedule. You pay a monthly charge equivalent to 2 private advanced classes and you can get up 4 times of training per month. This includes weekday training. We can cater the classes to your specific needs. If you need to train for an upcoming competition we can cater the day around different stages of the competition. If you need to focus on the basics we can schedule the day to cater around the basic shooting fundamentals. If you would like to workout with weights, Your Plate Carrier and Rifle. We can cater for that as well.

*This is designed to be a one on one training session but you are able to jump into a class with other individuals. In the event your schedule doesn’t permit another day.*

1-3 Persons per Class



Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun

Ammunition Count

300 Pistol, 300 Rifle, 50 Buckshot, and 50 Slugs

Safety Equipment

Eye Protection, Ear Protection, Closed Toed Shoes (Boots Recommended),Pants, and a Boonie or Ball Cap

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