A La Carte Training (You Pick the Firearm, Class Length and Date)


Training by the hour for a single firearm. Multiple Firearms are discounted.


This is where you can purchase A La Carte training, priced by the hour. 2 Hour minimum unless paired with the Marksmanship/ Beginner Class. This is for one on one training only. You pick the firearm, the date, the time and how many hours you would like to train. We recommend taking the Marksmanship class prior to paying for A La Carte Training. A La Carte training does not include the $10/ hour range fee. Please be prepared to pay the additional range fee after your class.

The range fee goes to the range itself not the instructor.

You pick the firearm you wish to train with, please bring the appropriate amount of ammo. A good starting point is 100 rounds per hour you plan to train. There is a chance we may go through more but that is a good starting point. The recommended amounts based on the firearm you prefer to train with are listed below.

Rifle – 300 Rounds for a 4 hour instructional class.

Pistol – 300 Rounds for a 4 hour instructional class.

Shotgun – 50 rounds of Buckshot, 50 rounds of slugs, and 50 rounds of birdshot for a 4 hour instructional class.

These are just the bare minimum recommendations. We always tell our students to bring more if they can afford it.

Two Cardboard targets will be provided for training purposes. If you want to shoot clay pigeons similar to competition training please bring your own clay pigeons or pay for your own at the range. There is skeet shooting offered at the range but the type of training we will be focused on is more defensive or tactical style shooting. Depending on the class schedule we may be able to shoot on a steel target for training purposes.

This class will have about 15-30 minutes of structured Marksmanship training/ warm up built into the beginning of the class. Once that is completed the student dictates what the student would like to work on for the remainder of the class. Whether it be tactical training, drawing from a holster, working a barricade, working around vehicles, competition training, ect.

Doane Tactical has Handguns for rent at $50/ Handgun, Rifles for rent at $75/ Rifle, and Shotguns for rent at $75/ Shotgun. Doane Tactical only provides 9mm handguns, 5.56 rifles and 12 gauge shotguns for rent. If you plan on renting a firearm from Doane Tactical please be prepared to bring 300 rounds of 9mm, 300 rounds of 5.56 and/ or 50 rounds of 12 gauge buckshot, slugs, and birdshot. Depending on what firearm(s) you plan to rent.

If you pay on the website please contact us with your preferred training date please give us at least 48 hours in advance so we can reserve the range.

Additional information

Class Length

2 Hours, 3 Hours, 4 Hours


Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun, Rifle/Pistol, Shotgun/Pistol


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