Doane Tactical Advanced Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Techniques Course


Doane Tactical Public Advanced Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun Techniques Class. We will spend this class going over advanced techniques for all firearm platforms.


After you’ve gotten comfortable with your marksmanship skills on your pistol, rifle and shotgun the next step is to bring it all together in an advanced class. In this class you will learn advanced techniques for your pistol, rifle and/ or Shotgun. You will need at least a pistol and a rifle for this course.

Doane Tactical will have 9mm Handguns for $50/ Handgun, 5.56 Rifles for $75/ Rifle, and 12 gauge Shotguns for $75/ Shotgun available for rent. Students are required to bring the corresponding ammunition to class.

Class Price Includes Range fees.

*This class will only be offered every third Saturday of the month. We recommend looking at our private version of this class if you would like the class sooner.*

5 Person Minimum

Additional information


Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun

Round Count

300 Pistol, 300 Rifle, 50 Slugs, 50 Buckshot

Safety Equipment

Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Closed Toed Shoes (Boots Recommended), Gloves, Hat, Summer Sun Protection

Other Necessary Equipment

Holster, Battle Belt, Plate Carrier


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