Doane Tactical Basic Rifle Marksmanship Course

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The Doane Tactical Basic Rifle Marksmanship class is a 5 person class designed to help you with your Rifle Marksmanship and basic understanding of your specific rifle.


After you’ve mastered pistol marksmanship we encourage you to try our basic rifle marksmanship class. In this class you will learn the ins and outs of your specific rifle. You will learn firearm safety. You will also learn basic rifle marksmanship skills to make you a better marksman with your rifle of choice.

Doane Tactical will have rifles for rent at $75/ rifle. Doane Tactical only rents out 5.56 rifles for this class. Students are required to bring their own ammunition to class.

Range fees are included in course cost

*Classes will be held every weekend in the afternoon. If not enough participants sign up classes will be postponed.*

5 Person Minimum

Additional information


AR-15, AK-47, SCAR, and Similar

Round Count

300 Rounds

Safety Equipment

Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Closed Toed Shoes (Boots Recommended), Pants, Gloves, Hat, Summer Sun Protection

Range Address

7030 E FM 1431 Marble Falls, TX 78654

1 review for Doane Tactical Basic Rifle Marksmanship Course

  1. TN Throck

    This was my first course with Chris. He did a good job of building the basics of handling an AR platform for my girlfriend and introduced me to some new concepts as well. His approach is thorough and patient based on the students’ comfort level. We practiced several drills and shooting positions along with manipulations.

    This is a good course for a fair fee.

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