Marksmanship/ First Time Student Class


Marksmanship class for beginners to advanced shooters. You may also use this class if you are a first time student at Doane Tactical and wish to meet the instructor to get a feeling for a regular class.


This class is an introductory class for first time shooters and/ or beginner level class. This class is to help the student test out a single hour class and meet the instructor as well as getting some simple instruction prior to taking a more advanced class or continuing to pay for training by the hour. In this class the student will be instructed on pistol marksmanship and firearm safety. Depending on the experience of the student we will focus primarily on Marksmanship with a Handgun. At Doane Tactical we believe pistol marksmanship is the ground work and the most important part of overall firearm marksmanship. Before moving on to Rifle or Shotgun courses we recommend but do not require all students understand and excel at Handgun Marksmanship.

The reason we chose to call this a Marksmanship Class is because during this class we focus on honing fundamentals and accuracy on target. If you are an intermediate or advanced shooter we wanted to give you a place to practice your marksmanship with a certified instructor to help dial in your marksmanship skills and make you the most accurate you’ve ever been.

This class will go over Firearm Safety, Handgun Shooting Fundamentals, Dry Firing, and Live Firing your handgun. If the student does not own a handgun, and is legally able to buy a handgun Doane Tactical will have a handgun available for rent for $50/ Firearm. Doane Tactical only provides 9mm handguns for rental during class. All students who plan to rent a firearm should bring 300 rounds of 9mm ammunition to class.

This is a class that will be held on the range. Please plan accordingly unless there is a severe thunderstorm we will be training rain or shine. No classroom time is allotted for this class. This class is a one hour minimum. More class time is available a la carte.

Please bring at least 100 rounds of your firearms ammunition to this class. More ammunition is recommended.

If you are looking to get your Texas License to Carry Handgun this will be a great class to take prior to getting your LTC. With this class you should be able to ace the shooting portion of the LTC Class. If you’ve already taken your Texas License to Carry Handgun and you were not happy with your shooting qualification we would love to work with you and make sure you can pass with a 225 or greater. Chris is a Texas LTC instructor who passed his instructor qualification with a 250. We can always use the LTC qualification as a benchmark to see how you are progressing through your training.

Once you’ve paid for a class please contact us with your availability. If you prefer to pay in person with cash or other payment option please contact us with your available date and we can work the payment out then.


*Please note this class is intended to be a one on one class for first time students and persons wishing to perfect their handgun marksmanship. We have had a few people reach out for young adults and teenager events. If you are looking for a very basic class for those types of students this class will serve that purpose. Please contact us for custom bulk student pricing.*


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