Private Pistol Class


Private Handgun lessons so you can learn at your pace.


Private pistol lessons can make learning to shoot a pistol a lot easier. We will go over all the same material as a public class. The only difference is we can cater the class to move at your pace. Don’t worry about being left behind. Keep working the skills until you are comfortable moving on. Once you’re comfortable moving on we can work on more advanced techniques while honing in on the basics. This class is intended for long term progression not a one size fits all class. If you are looking for a one size fits all style class our public pistol class will be perfect for you.

This class will go over Basic Pistol Marksmanship, Drawing from a holster, Moving and shooting, tactical considerations in a defensive scenario and much more.

Doane Tactical will have Handguns available for rent at $50/ handgun. Doane Tactical only provides 9mm handguns for rent. Students are required to provide all the ammunition for the rental firearm.

Class price includes range fees.

Class dates will be on your schedule. Please Contact Us with your earliest available date.

1-3 Persons per class.

Additional information


Semi-auto handgun, or Revolver

Ammunition Count

300 Rounds

This is the minimum recommended amount of ammunition you are welcome to bring as much ammunition to class as you think you will need.

Safety Equipment

Ear Protection, Eye Protection, Closed Toed Shoes (Boots Recommended), Hat, Sunscreen, Etc.

Range Address

These classes will be held at Copperhead Creek Shooting Club inside Hidden Falls Adventure Park in Marble Falls, Texas.


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